About 關於

Appreciate all the little things in life.

The Beginning

My soulmate and I were never great with words, so we show appreciation in different ways. He does all these little gestures that makes me feel extra special and loved! And I, on the other hand, document (via drawings) these little “moments” to show him how much I appreciate his gestures. Of course these drawings don’t show justice as it’s hard to show how much he does for me. But I do hope to draw as many as I can so that we can look back at them when we are old and wrinkly. Also, as I have a goldfish memory, this is a very great reminder for me to cherish him.

Meaning Behind @mylifewithIT 

My soulmate works in the IT industry and I wanted to document my life with him. At the same time, “it” can stand for anything.

Thus, it made sense to use “mylifewithIT” – whether it is documenting my daily life or my life with him.

The Launch

At first, I kept these drawings private between my soulmate and I. A couple years later, I showed a few friends and colleagues. They supported and encouraged me to continue and wanted to see more. So… here it is 🙂




@mylifewithIT (我的生活與「他」)背後的含義


因此,使用“mylifewithIT” (我的生活與「他」)是有意義的 – 無論是記錄我的日常生活還是與他共同的生活。