Happy Year of the Cow/Ox!

Happy Year of the Cow/Ox!🐮🐂
Happy “牛” (the word “cow/ox” in Mandarin sounds like “new”) Year! Wishing everyone nothing but “哞” (the sound a cow makes in Mandarin kind of sounds like “more”) kindness, positive news, and good health!

Happy “牛” (普通話發音像”new”) Year! 祝大家 “哞” (普通話發音像 “more”, “更多” 的意思)仁慈的行為,好消息,和身體健康!

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New Year, New Start

New Year, New Start! 
Hope the new year will bring good luck and a good start! Wishing us good health, have a turning point and breakthroughs in our career, earn lots and wishes come true. And of course, I hope I can lose weight and fat. . . Haha?


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