Year of the Bunny 🐰

Happy Lunar New Year 🐰 (To; “tu”) You!
Been super busy the past year; I haven’t had much time to draw or post. I almost couldn’t make it today, but it’s the year of the bunny, so I definitely can’t miss it today. Otherwise, I’ll have to wait for another 12 years! There were a lot of challenges and changes last year so I hope this year will be much smoother (career-wise and financially). Of course, good health is crucial, so I wish for a better work-life balance and to continue to do things I enjoy. If possible, I would love to take a break, travel, and lose weight. I wish the same for my beloved family and friends. 💕

超級忙,過去一年沒有太多時間畫畫或發圖。 今天差點來不及,但因為是兔年所以絕對不能錯過,不然又要等12年了! 去年有很多挑戰和變化,所以我希望今年會更順利(事業和財務)。 當然,身體健康很重要,所以希望可以工作和生活好好平衡一下,並繼續做我喜歡的事。 如果可能的話,希望可以休息一下,去旅行和減肥成功。 也送上我親愛的家人和朋友同樣的祝福。 💕

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Year of The Tiger 🐯

Happy Year of the Tiger! 🐯 
Can’t believe another year has past by so quickly. It’s been such a busy year, I haven’t had much time to draw. Hopefully I can spend more time drawing this year. This year, I wish everyone good health, a smooth career, wishes come true and making a fortune🧧!

沒想到一年又過去了。這一年太忙了,都沒時間畫畫。希望今年可以多畫。 今年祝大家身體健康,事業順利,心想事成,和發大財🧧


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Happy Year of the Cow/Ox!

Happy Year of the Cow/Ox!🐮🐂
Happy “牛” (the word “cow/ox” in Mandarin sounds like “new”) Year! Wishing everyone nothing but “哞” (the sound a cow makes in Mandarin kind of sounds like “more”) kindness, positive news, and good health!

Happy “牛” (普通話發音像”new”) Year! 祝大家 “哞” (普通話發音像 “more”, “更多” 的意思)仁慈的行為,好消息,和身體健康!

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