Glass Slipper

There’s always that one person who treats you like a princess.

You’ll be surprised, when you’ve found the one, he/she will treat you like a prince/princess.  If you haven’t found the one, look around you, there maybe someone who has already been treating you like a prince/princess. Whether it’s your family member or your significant other, whomever it is, please remember to cherish him/her. Don’t take it for granted.


你會很驚訝,當你找到那個人的時候,他/她會把你當王子/公主寵。 如果你還沒有找到那個人,那就看看你身邊,可能有人已經把你當作王子/公主對待。 無論是你的家人還是你的另一半,請記得要珍惜他/她。 不要認為這是理所當然的。

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Love Story

Every relationship begins with a story, what’s yours?

I love attending weddings, especially when couples explain how their love story started. I never asked how couples’ relationships began as I thought it’s the same cycle – they hung out, they dated, they got married. But there’s a unique story behind every relationship, whether they met at a bus stop, on an airplane, or met at a young age but never interacted until years later.  And our story began with two cups of hot chocolate and two pieces of tissue paper.


我喜歡參加婚禮,特別當他們介紹新人如何開始的。我從來都不會問情侶是如何開始的,因為我總認為都是一樣的 ㄧ 他們出去,他們約會,他們結婚了。 但每段關係背後都有一個獨特的故事,無論他們是在車站認識的,飛機上認識的,還是從小就認識了,但是長大後才互動。而我們的故事,是從兩杯熱可可和兩張衛生紙開始的。

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