Thank You. Stay Safe!

Thank you to those at work that cannot work from home. Please stay safe!
There are so many people that we need to thank but don’t thank enough, especially during these tough times – doctors, nurses, airline workers, cleaners, day care/HR/IT/retail employees, parents, etc. Please take the time to thank those that had and/or are helping and risking their lives working for others. Greatly appreciate each and every one of you! PS: Sorry for those I missed, every industry and employee is just as important.

我們需要感謝的人太多了,尤其是在這些困難的時期-醫護人員丶航空人員丶清潔工人丶托兒/人力資源/IT /零售員工丶父母等等。請花點時間感謝那些曾經和/或正在幫助和冒著生命危險為他人工作的人。非常感謝你們每一個人! PS:我漏了沒寫的很抱歉,每個行業和員工都同樣重要。

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New Year, New Start

New Year, New Start! 
Hope the new year will bring good luck and a good start! Wishing us good health, have a turning point and breakthroughs in our career, earn lots and wishes come true. And of course, I hope I can lose weight and fat. . . Haha?


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