Happy Birthday Little Elephant

Happy Birthday! PS: Please don’t grow too fast. You’ll always be mommy’s baby.

Chúc mừng sinh nhật! Happy birthday to a special little boy. I remember this was one of your mommy’s favourite photo of you in a shopping cart and your favourite animal is the elephant. She loves you very much. Please take good care of your mommy. She deserves it! 🙂

生日快樂! PS:請不要長太快。你永遠都是媽媽的小寶貝。

Chúc mừng sinh nhật! 生日快樂,特別的小男孩。 我記得這是你媽媽最喜歡你在購物車中的照片之一,而你最喜歡的動物是大象。 她非常愛你喔。 請好好照顧你的媽媽。 她應得的!:)

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